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Top 5 Halloween Advertisements of 2016

DIVERGE reveals the best advertisements of Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween! Here is a list of DIVERGE’s Top 5 Advertisements for Halloween: T-Mobile: Burger King: Walmart: Hershey: Kit-Kat M&Ms: Send us …

Golin’s 2016 Untern: Megan Duncan

Golin's 2016 Untern Megan Duncan completed her 6 week adventure. She shares her experiences and tips for future applicants.

From learning how to make coffee from a barista to jumping in Lake Michigan when the temperature was 39 degrees, …

Rock the Vote: Why You Need to Vote

DIVERGE talks to Jesse Moore, Vice President of Civic Engagement to learn about this year's initiatives.

“Don’t let your silence ring louder than your voice.” This is the message Rock the Vote, a non-profit that encourages people to …