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Author: Aleena Gardezi

McDonald’s Offers Better Customer Experience for 2017

Posted November 25, 2016

Fast food restaurant, McDonalds announced that the company is taking big steps to improve the customer’s dining experience including adding table service, mobile ordering, and automated ordering kiosks, according to a media event on November 17th.

The company already offers this experience in 2,600 international restuaraunts globally.

In the U.S.,Florida, New York, and Southern California have already started making these changes and additional restaurants in urban markets — including San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, D.C. and Seattle — will do the same in early 2017.

According to the site, McDonaldsJustforYou, the company is incorporating 7 changes:

  1. We’re making ordering fun

Our guests are lovin’ our new touchscreen, self-order kiosks that let you order exactly what you want with more choices than ever before.

  1. New choices and delicious tastes

Yes, we are making changes to our food, like switching from margarine to butter in our classic Egg McMuffin, but we are also offering new premium menu options like guacamole, Sriracha mayo and more in our new Signature Crafted recipes. Plus premium desserts!

  1. Pay your way

Now, you can pay with your card at the kiosk or use mobile pay options like Apple or Android Pay. We’re even testing Google Hands Free payment options in the San Francisco Bay area. (Yes, you can still pay at the cash register!)

  1. Surprise! Table Service! At McDonald’s!

That’s right. McDonald’s now brings your food right to you! The introduction of table service makes the dining-in experience more comfortable, relaxed, convenient and stress-free.

  1. Fresh, new décor

We are refreshing the décor of our restaurants to be more contemporary with modern colors, bold graphics, and easy to read digital menu boards, reflecting the spirit of our customers.

  1. We’re making drive-thru even better

We are testing digital menu boards at the drive thru that change throughout the day to show you the most timely and relevant deals and menu items at any given time. We’re even rolling out double-lane drive thrus to make your experience more speedy!

  1. A New Level of Service, Just for You

New ways to order, modern technology, new ways to pay, table service, and a new focus on hospitality for our guests. That’s a whole new level of service at McDonald’s, just for you.

The company also allows excited customers to get a virtual reality experience with Google Cardboard glasses, which make you experience reality at a new level.