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Amdocs Appoints LP/AD For Global Re-Branding

Posted March 15, 2017

Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, appointed Canadian agency, LP/AD to the team to lead their global re-branding.

“Amdocs is a very large organization with a broad portfolio and a history dating back more than three decades,” commented Gary Miles, CMO for Amdocs, in a statement. “Capturing the essence of who we are as an organization and how we want to communicate this story to the industry required experience and the ability to apply relevant critical thinking. The LP/AD team delivered on this and brought the creative spark which we saw was the right fit.”

With over 25,000 employees in over 85 countries, the project is a massive project to take on but LP/AD’s Managing Partner, Alex Shifrin is very excited.

“Amdocs customers have evolved and so has Amdocs,” Shifrin explained. “We will be delivering a brand platform and system that reflects where the industry is heading.”

He added: “For Amdocs, being as large as it is, the best way to project the new brand is through its employees. We’ll be working to get the message out across the company to make sure that the brand emanates outward from the team itself.”

The rebranding was launched at Mobile World Congress this year in Barcelona, Spain.

“We have collaborated to create core brand messages, key brand visual assets as well as some tactical peripherals and comms touchpoints for the brand’s launch at Mobile World Congress last week,” Shifrin told DIVERGE. “Right now, we’re delivering a full brand guide and a series of training sessions to get the message out across Amdocs’ 26,000 employees.”

After building a set of visual and messaging recommendations based on a series of strategic planning sessions across Amdocs worldwide, LP/AD worked with the team to provide a fully updated brand platform and visual identity.

“Amdocs has an excellent culture. Our experience has been one of interacting with people who are really proud of where they work and it’s been really infectious,” Shifrin said. “I recall going to a staff event a few months ago, being blown away at meeting so many truly happy and proud people.”

“It’s impossible not to be excited by an environment like this,” he added.