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McCann London and CheapFlights Introduce New Tool for Finding Cheap Escapes

Posted April 26, 2017

Looking for a quick getaway option? Just double tap ‘Esc’ on your desktop’s keyboard to search for and find a range of short getaway options.

McCann London has created an innovative new tool for Cheapflights that makes it easier to search for flights through EscEscape (pronounced ‘Escape Escape’), a new browser extension tool. The new extension allows a user to tap ‘Esc’ key twice for a live flight search runs to find the cheapest, quickest and smartest return flights to nearby destinations. The flight results open in a new browser tab and will be the cheapest option for a weekend break in the next eight weeks. The user is then free to go ahead and book if they like the look of what they see – if not, another ‘double tap’ of the Esc key throws up a new option.

“50% of people book their flights while at work. But we wanted to make it even easier to escape the office. The answer was right there on the keyboard – we turned the esc key into a point-of-sale,” Jim Nilsson, Creative at McCann London told DIVERGE.

The extension launched in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and South Africa, and is a free-to-install extension for Google Chrome users.

“While consumers increasingly research holidays on their mobiles and tablets, more holidays are now booked on impulse and Mintel research shows that 74% of people still do so on a computer or laptop,” the release explained. “Research from Cheapflights itself also shows that over 50% of people search flights when at work.”

To promote the innovative tool, McCann London and Cheapflights are using unusual Taiwanese-style animation typically used for news report reconstruction in their latest campaign.

The online film shows a hard-pressed office worker in desperate need for a vacation. A series of print will also support the launch. The campaign will run for two months from 21st April.