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Mitsubishi Aims to Inspire Female Drivers Who Are “Finding Their Own Lane”

Posted March 9, 2017

For International Women’s Day, Mitsubishi  and 180LA decided to celebrate by addressing the stereotype that car enthusiasts aren’t strictly men.

Mitsubishi proved the bias existed by posting a modded Mitsubishi Outlander Sport on their social media pages. From the comments, it was clear that people thought the car belonged to a male enthusiast. About a week later, the company surprised their social audience with a video revealing that the owner is a woman, posted on International Women’s Day.

The video aims to inspire female drivers who are “finding their own lane.” The video illustrated that no matter your gender, passion will always be passion. It also proved that car enthusiasts and passionate Mitsubishi owners can also be women.

“Most ad creatives are male, so as a junior female creative I could relate to Phylicia. I love how, in her own way, she is empowering women to break the norm,” Tiff Tsai, Junior Art Director, 180LA told DIVEGE.

Tsai and  Hanna Koh, a junior copywriter at 180LA are the ones that came up with the concept. 


Film: Who Run the Lane


Client: Mitsubishi Motors North America

Agency: 180LA

Chief Creative Officer – William Gelner

Executive Creative Director – Rafael Rizuto

Executive Creative Director – Eduardo Marques

Digital Creative Director – Karan Dang

Associate Creative Director – Alex Goulart

Associate Creative Director – Joao Medeiros

Art Director – Toon Leysen

Jr. Art Director – Tiff Tsai

Copywriter – Caspar Bock

Jr. Copywriter – Hanna Koh

Executive Producer – David Emery

Business Affairs – Ann Shelton

Content Manager – Nicolas Marks

Brand Journalist – Suzanne Dengel

Group Account Director – Rachel Gilmour

Associate Account Director – Brenda Aguilar Schneider

Account Coordinator – Lindsey McVey

Digital Engagement Strategist – Faye Ehrich

Editorial: Melvin Studio

Content Post Producer – Nate McNabb

Content Producer – Ben Clarke

Editor – Luke Cheney, Nicolas Marks

Telecine – Dave Groseclose