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gyro New York Aims to ‘End the Cycle’ of Domestic Violence With New PSA

Posted April 5, 2017

The cycle of domestic abuse can begin as a child. That’s what The Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation and its new integrated, national advertising campaign were created to change.

Safe at Home, which was founded in 2002 by Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Manager Joe Torre and his wife Ali, Safe aims to provide education to end the cycle of domestic violence and save lives.

Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation: Phone Call :30 from gyro on Vimeo.

The campaign was created by the global creative agency gyro in association with the production companies UNIT9 and Rock Paper Scissors.

This will be the non-profit’s largest awareness campaign to date and it’s first in nearly 12 years. “End the Cycle” TV ads will run on CBS, A&E and additional top networks. Print and online will appear in top national publications and Web sites including The Wall Street Journal. Out-of-home began appearing earlier this year.

Marco Walls, Creative Director, gyro New York told DIVERGE more about the campaign:

Why was this campaign significant?

Domestic abuse is one of society’s most devastating problems. Every year, millions of Americans are abused by their partners, and the abuse goes beyond just the physical. It’s emotional, psychological, and in many cases, passed on to children who witness it, so that it becomes a cycle of violence. Statistics prove that approximately one-in-three children who grow up exposed to domestic abuse will continue the cycle of violence.

Is this a topic your agency is passionate about?

Absolutely and with work like this we are hoping to do our small part to help end the cycle of violence.

Was this a pro bono project?


Was this a difficult project to work on because of subject matter?

The subject matter is tough, no doubt about it, but we were driven to produce outstanding creative work that would stand out and help. It was a project we all felt really passionate about.

What do you hope people take away from this ad?

That, although the cycle of violence exists, you can get help and separate yourself from it once and for all.

Where will this air and for how long?

It will air on broadcast and cable, in print as well as in digital media.




gyro Office: gyro New York

Client: Joe Torre Safe at Home

Break Date: 3/26/17

Media Exposure: National TV/Print

Project Name: “End the Cycle”

Brief Description of Ad:



Executive Creative Director: Vito Zarrillo

Group Creative Director: Kash Sree

Creative Director: Marco Walls

Art Director: Alex Sprouse

Copywriter: Colin Quinn

General Manager: Wendy Lurrie

Account Manager: Paige O’Reilly

Strategist: Dafna Linden

Producer: Courtney Trent



Director: Michelle Craig

EP: Rania Hattar / Luca Delaurentiis

DOP: Ben Kitchens

Producer: Mindy Lubert

Post-Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors

Editor: Austyn Daines

EP: Christopher Noviello

Online: A52

EP: Jenny Bright

Colorist: Paul Yacono

Sound: Lime Studios

EP: Susie Boylan

Rerecording mixer: Tom Paolantionio