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Y&R Celebrates National Siblings Day with a Tale of Two Brothers

Posted April 11, 2017

The Special Olympics and Y&R Mexico launched a new campaign in honor of National Siblings Day on April 10th. The new ad promotes inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, by telling the story of two brothers, who shared their passions of sport and competition.

Y&R México created the global commercial for Special Olympics, directed by Kike Maíllo, a Goya award-winner for best director,” explained Saul Escobar, Chief Creative Officer, Y&R Mexico. “This was inspired by the story of two tween brothers that have competed since they were kids to be number one and who exemplify the spirit of sports.”

“We believe that people must break their prejudices see the young athletes who participate in the Special Olympics as an inspiration,” he added. “We are very proud to once more, work with such an incredible organization.”

The Special Olympics, which was born out of the special bond between two sisters, re-imagined the spot for today’s global audience, with a new brand emphasis on complete inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities through athletics, health, education, civic roles, and entertainment.

Initially the Special Olympics launched not only from a sisterly bond but also from the isolation and mistreatment of Rosemary Kennedy, the intellectually-disabled sister of the Kennedy clan that prompted her sister, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, to take up the fight for those with intellectual disabilities.

The film is part of the lead up to a larger brand campaign that will formally launch next year around the organization’s 50th Anniversary.


Héctor Fernández –CEO, YR Mx

Saúl Escobar – Creative VP, YR Mx

Karla Santa Anna – General Creative Director, YR Mx

Luis Enriquez – Creative Director & Head of art, YR Mx

Rodrigo Casas – Creative Director, YR Mx

Marco de León – Creative Art Associated Director, YR Mx

Rurik García – Creative Copy Associated Director, YR Mx

Maricela Magaña – Account Supervisor, YR Mx

Carolina Hernández – Account Executive, YR Mx

Natalia Verrio – Planning VP

Adrian Morales – Planner Sr

Juan Pablo Osio – Production Director, YR Mx

Kike Maíllo – Director “Oxigeno”

Sonia Uribe – Production Director “Oxigeno”

Music by : Peter Van Uytfanck, Michael Mooney & Nicola Ormiston (Studios Apollo)

Music producer : Gabriel Gagnon (Studios Apollo)