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Interbrand: Equal To Is Better Than

Posted December 23, 2016

Global agency, Interbrand’s mission for its holiday card sounds simple enough: embracing equality. So, how did they do that?

“Embracing diversity and creativity is a celebration of what makes us essentially human. While equality can be interpreted in many ways, it’s the singular means to grow as a community, a culture, and a species,” the project site states.

This holiday season, Interbrand joins as one voice with a powerfully nuanced message. It’s about respecting one another and celebrating the differences that make us so dynamic as a global community. It’s about equality.

Their teams throughout the world expose ongoing challenges to individual and human rights, and illustrate how we can overcome them—both through their process and creative products. Because embracing diversity and creativity is a celebration of what makes us essentially human.

While equality can be interpreted in many ways, it’s the singular means by which we can grow as a people and a species. It’s time to make equality a priority. #IBforEquality

DIVERGE talked to Andy Payne, Global Chief Creative Officer to find out how this project began:

Where did this idea come from?

A number of topics were under discussion between senior creative leaders from around the world within Interbrand. Equality was highlighted as the zeitgeist topic. It is important to find a subject that goes beyond the superficial, and has relevance to all parts of the world and all cultures.

Why is it significant? Why was it so important for Interbrand to focus on equality?

Equality has so many dimensions – and is of importance to all parts of the world in some way and something we could shed light on in so many different ways from all parts of our global network.

Every single campaign seems so well thought out and well executed, what were your thoughts on how your offices did? Which one really stood out to you?

The brief gave focus and direction, but allowed for great scope of interpretation – I particularly like the boldness of Sydney’s message and tone, the creativity of the life jackets from Milan and the female figures escaping from barbed wire from Mumbai, and the unique snowflake from HMKM in London.

How essential is diversity to your agency and why?

As a global network, our diversity is our strength and at the heart of our approach that feeds our knowledge on how brands are evolving their experiences every day.

What kind of feedback/interaction have you received?

The offices have loved working on this and locally we have received great feedback from clients

Do you think after the election, it is more important to fight for equality for everyone?

I will say that everyone has a voice and it is important for us all to use our voices in a positive way, and to stand up for those who cannot.

Will you continue this past the holidays?

Perhaps an exhibition space in each office to highlight all the works in the New Year.

Projects from the global offices below (Click on each one to see each office’s work towards equality:

Interbrand Paris:


Interbrand Mexico:


HHKM London:


Interbrand London:


Interbrand Seoul:


Interbrand Canada:


Interbrand Cincinnati:


Interbrand Cologne:


Interbrand Health (NYC): 


Interbrand Milan:


Interbrand Mumbai:


Interbrand Sao Paulo:


Interbrand Shanghai:


Interbrand Singapore:


Interbrand Sydney:


Interbrand Tokyo: