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Viral Nevertheless, #ShePersisted Image Inspires Other Similar Images

Posted February 11, 2017

When Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) silenced Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) last week, a new battle cry was born: Nevertheless, She Persisted.

Courtney M. Privett, a fiction writer currently living in California, decided to express her emotions through her art. Privett, who has an engineering degree and worked as an analytical chemist until she became a stay at mom home, was angry when she saw the news.

“I’m the author of ten novels, and I use both visual and written art as a way to confront my fears and frustrations,” she told DIVERGE. “Art is therapeutic for me.”



The image went viral. She began to get requests for other versions of the image, including a male voice, and a voice for people of color. Others also started sharing their art, inspired by her work and current events.

“In the face of adversity with its values threatened by tyranny America won’t kowtow. She won’t be quiet. She won’t stand helpless. Just the opposite, with the unity of her people she will prevail.” Explained Crystal Paquette, a 37 year old , living with her partner and dog in the north shore of Massachusetts.

Cecily Buehler shared: “Courtney Privett’s art inspired me.  I created this image to emphasize that shaming women for their life decisions afflicts all groups of women regardless of whether those decisions are considered more progressive or more traditional.  I do not judge people for their decisions, I just want all women to know that they are truly free to decide what is best for them, even if that is saving sex for marriage or passing on birth control.”

Harrison Art & Cartoons‘s John Harrison, is  an artist who does do caricatures, political cartoons, and a webcomic , “Guitar Girl,”  realized that it’s too easy to become “become dependent on unlimited undo” when you use Clip Studio and a Wacom Tablet. As a way to improve his real-paper drawings, he started drawing these political images, which he calls “Third Shift Scribbles.”

“This image, “Hero,” was inspired by Senator Elizabeth Warren’s ongoing bravery. That she would continue standing and speaking the powerful words of Coretta Scott King is no surprise – she’s been speaking truth to power her entire life. And that Mitch McConnell and company would strive to silence her is also no surprise. Weak men always fear strong women.” He told DIVERGE.

Below is some of his other work inspired by current events and politics.



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