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Interbrand Interprets What It Means to Be Bold for IWD17

Posted March 9, 2017

“Celebrate BOLD that has no boundaries. Bold is voices, bold is action, bold can be a single change that evolves into a movement,” states Interbrand’s website.”And bold is inspired—that’s why the stories we share will propel us forward—as people, as communities, and as a global culture.”

For International Women’s Day, Interbrand is not only celebrating being BOLD but also defining what it means to them.

Interbranders around the world are demonstrating their dedication to female colleagues, friends, and family, by recognizing the small sacrifices and huge commitments these women make in their own lives, and to helping others.

“Being bold is the start of anything great. Without somebody standing out or standing up, nothing ever changes,” said Jez Frampton, Global CEO of Interbrand. “All the things that we now take for granted were because somebody was bold. Let it be you.”

DIVERGE talked to Interbrand’s Chief Content Officer, Paola Norambuena to find out more:

Why is it significant, especially now?

We live in a time of change, where we can see (and celebrate) how much progress we have made, but it also serves to highlight just how much we have left to fight for and accomplish. That’s never truer than when our beliefs and values are tested. Celebrating International Women’s Day is not only a way to recognize women and all that we’ve accomplished, it’s a way for all of us to come together as human beings and celebrate one another.

Who is featured in the video?

Our video features people from across our global network, from diverse backgrounds, from seasoned leaders to new talent starting out. It also features both men and women, because it’s together that we can make a difference for all women. And accompanying this video is one from our Global CEO, Jez Frampton, who outlines our leadership’s dedication and action. Because great change only happens when everyone in invested.

It’s time to #BeBoldForChange – Jez Frampton, Global CEO from Interbrand on Vimeo.

Why is it important to empower women?

Because women are a vital part of our world. By demanding greater equality, we are advocating for better balance in our world—broader perspectives, greater empathy, fresher ideas, equal opportunities to solve challenges from different angles. Women’s rights have come a long way, but we know we still have to defend what we have, and we still have a long way to go. Now more than ever, we need to empower and educate both women and men. Doing this is the only way we’ll achieve equality.

Are you going to do anything else around this? 

Specifically, for International Women’s Day, Interbrand will be partnering with Substantial in Seattle on April 18th, to present a 3% conference where we will praise fellow women and men in the industry.

But this entire celebration is the start of a much larger platform for diversity and our commitment to people and their development. With IBEquality, it’s raising awareness for challenges we need to solve across the globe. And particularly for the women in our organization, it’s setting up a mentorship program, part of our Bold Moves program and training, and we’ve asked women and men across our network to make this actionable. That means we are each pledging an action that will show real change.

How does this play into IBEquality?

At Interbrand, we are built on diversity. And diversity is critical for true equality. We strive each day to celebrate and support our people, clients and partners regardless of background, beliefs, choices and gender.