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Ketchum & Daggerwing Group Introduce DaggerwingTransACT

Posted June 8, 2017

Ketchum and Daggerwing Group, part of the Omnicom Group are introducing a new service offering, DaggerwingTransACT, an alliance that delivers integrated management consulting and communications services to publicly held companies engaged in mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and other transactions, according to a recent announcement.

DaggerwingTransACT combines Daggerwing Group’s corporate culture, employee engagement and change management expertise with the capabilities of Ketchum’s New York-based financial communications specialty, which handles external communications surrounding M&A transactions, spin-offs, new listings, bankruptcies and other corporate communications assignments.

“Too many M&A deals fail to deliver – or actually destroy – value because of issues surrounding corporate culture,” said Daggerwing Group CEO Ewan Main, in a statement. “We believe deals are more likely to pay off for shareholders if intangible assets can be managed with the same clarity and focus as the tangible assets, which is why our new offering with culture first in the value creation process.”

Marc Drechsler, partner and head of financial communications at Ketchum, added, “In many M&A transactions, there is an intense focus on ‘getting the deal done’ with little or no attention paid to the desired outcomes for corporate culture. That’s why we have teamed with Daggerwing Group to ensure organizational culture is a consideration from the onset of the M&A process and continues well after the deal is closed. Our approach spans the full lifetime of a deal, from target vetting to the day integration is complete, to ensure it lives up to its value creation promises for all stakeholders.”