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LG Recognized for Effective Creative Marketing Demonstrating Key Product Feature

Posted June 5, 2017

Constructing a 48-story house of cards on a running washing machine has earned a LG prestigious industry award. LG Electronics’ “Card Stacking Challenge” video was the recipient of an AME Award in the category of branded entertainment. One of the most prestigious industry honors, the AME (Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness) Awards recognize a marketing campaign’s strategy, creative concept, production value and most importantly, effectiveness, on a global stage.

The video, which went viral has achieved  100 million cumulative views across multiple sites when it debuted on YouTube last spring. In the video, professional card stacker Bryan Berg is seen building a nearly 11-foot-tall tower comprised of 200 decks of cards on top of an LG Centum System™ washing machine running at 1,000 RPM, a feat which earned Berg a world record for the highest card structure built in 12 hours. The video was designed to creatively demonstrate LG’s new Centum System, which maximizes the washing machine’s reliability and energy efficiency with minimal vibration and noise. For the first time in the United States, LG Centum technology will be available on the LG SIGNATURE washer/dryer combo rolling out at U.S. retailers this summer.

Following the success of the “Card Stacking Challenge” campaign, LG produced a series of popular videos to tell the story of its unique and innovative appliances, including “painting” a gigantic wall mural using more than 18,000 light bulbs and commissioning a professional rock climber to scale a 33-story building with nothing more than the suction power from two cordless vacuum cleaners.

The team at LG told DIVERGE the story behind the campaign:

Where did the idea for this come from

Historically, washing machines are known for having significant vibrations that can cause the machine to rattle loudly, shake and even move across the floor, when the reality for LG’s advanced laundry innovations with Centum technology is that they deliver superior performance with little vibration so that’s still gentle on your clothes – and your ears! LG sought to showcase its innovation in a dramatic, compelling way. Thus capitalizing on the groundbreaking Centum technology that delivers advanced washing with little vibration.

Who is the team behind this?  

LG and Krema Worldwide

Why is this significant / Why did LG choose a washing machine? 

The significance goes hand-in-hand as to why LG selected a washing machine. LG continues to lead the industry in home appliance excellence by constantly delivering innovations like the first 2-in-1 washing machine, the LG TWINWash. Other innovations that make LG laundry solutions best-in-class include: the largest capacity in its class, six different wash motions, powerful high-pressure nozzles that save 30 minutes per load and more. LG is constantly raising the bar in the laundry industry and felt this was a dramatic and interesting way to showcase the new Centum technology.

Among top major appliance brands, LG achieved the highest reliability rankings in front-load washing machines and high-efficiency top-load washing machines, as well as in both electric and gas dryers (according to a leading U.S. consumer products publication). LG already holds the number one spot in a U.S. consumer satisfaction survey among home appliance brands, according to the 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index® (ACSI).

LG’s new Centum System, which maximizes the washing machine’s reliability and energy efficiency with minimal vibration and noise, allowing for less wear and tear on the machine (and your clothes!!).