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Author: Leah Perlmutter

On Social Media, Get the Girls to Get the Guys

Posted June 9, 2017

Bars have had it figured out for ages- a ladies night brings in the guys. Gender differences in how young people use social media points to the idea that brands promoting themselves on these platforms may want to look to a similar model.

There is no doubt that social media has not only changed the way we interact, but it has also affected the way we attend events, define relationships and almost every other social convention imaginable. As such, it comes with an etiquette all in its own. When we look at who is shaping the rules for these digital social conventions, all signs point to young women.

Gen Z females place Snapchat and Instagram in the top five brands they love, whereas for their male counterparts, no social network makes the top 10. Young women are also significantly more likely to post status updates, opinions, photos, and even to like something.

While we see that young men are just as likely as young women to have social media accounts and profiles, it is clear that they are significantly less likely to be active on almost all of them. Often they signed up at the behest of a female friend or romantic partner, but once they are on there nervous to act because they are afraid to break etiquette.

Young women often don’t even realize that they are creating these rules, because the use of the platforms comes so naturally to them, while for their male counterparts interacting on social media is often more stressful than it’s worth. They are present and aware, but they are passive. Girls are the ambassadors.


Leah Perlmutter is an associate brand strategist at Open Mind Strategy, a New York City-based qualitative and quantitative research company with a wide range of top-tier clients. Leah has a BA from Barnard College in Anthropology, which culminated in a thesis on the consumerism of intimate products. As a researcher at OMS, Leah executes and analyzes quantitative surveys exploring a diverse range of industries, products and demographics top probe consumers’ heart and minds via ethnographic research across the country.