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Circus Maximus Launches “Bossface” for Justworks

Posted May 17, 2017

Justworks, the innovative HR, benefits, payroll and compliance startup for SMBS, has partnered with Circus Maximus to launch a new integrated campaign focusing on its “work fearlessly” mantra.

By using vivid photography to humorously reflect the expressions of businesspeople masking the struggles of managing their businesses by putting on a brave face to their employees, the campaign shows the ugly side of running a small business.

“We really wanted to show the face of the modern entrepreneur. Sometimes that face is working overtime to hide the stress caused by the details of running a business,” Ryan Kutcher, Executive Create Director told DIVERGE. “We call it bossface, and if you’ve got it, Justworks wants to erase it.”

The campaign is running as OOH, digital display, :15 second films, direct mail, and on social.


Chief Creative Officer: Ryan Kutscher

Executive Producer: Paul Sutton

Art Director: Pat Horn

Copywriter: Erik Poh

Photography & Retouching: Jason Leiva

Motion Design: Andrew Perry