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Honda’s Civic Type R & SI Make TV Debut

Posted May 22, 2017

Honda’s new ad campaign “Racing at Heart” focuses on celebrating its high-performance motorsports program and introduces the Civic Type R in TV, highlighting that racing is at the heart of every Honda vehicle.

The campaign not only links to Honda’s motorsports program to production vehicles including the new Civic Type R but also focuses on Honda’s racing programs including the Verizon IndyCar Series, Red Bull Global Rallycross and desert truck racing.

“Because racing influences everything we do at Honda, the “Racing at Heart” campaign shows how Honda’s production vehicles have emerged from that racing heritage,” Susie Rossick, Assistant Vice President, Honda Marketing told DIVERGE. “Seeing one car peeling away to become another tells a vivid story: that inside every Honda is the heart of a race car.”

The campaign debuts during the NBA Conference Finals on ABC, and will be showcased during the ABC broadcast of the 2017 Indianapolis 500 on May 28, as well as during ‘500’ qualifying on May 20-21, while also featuring additional broadcast, print, digital and social amplifications.

The multi-channel “Racing at Heart” campaign will include broadcast television, with the spot airing multiple times on NBC, ABC and ESPN sports programming, including during the NHL Conference Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Conference Finals (first airing 5/16) and NBA Finals, during Red Bull Global Rallycross race competition, as well as on networks targeting performance-minded viewers such as Comedy Central, Spike TV, FX, among others. From a digital standpoint, www.racewithhonda.com is being overhauled and will serve as the destination hub of the racing campaign.

Additionally, Honda is launching a motorsports influencer campaign, taking Honda’s long-running “Fastest Seat in Sports” campaign, the long-standing experience that gives a celebrity the chance to go on a two-seat ride leading the start of a Verizon IndyCar Series race with legendary Indy 500 champion driver Mario Andretti – to the next level.

Eight different influencers from a variety of backgrounds – from base jumping adrenaline junkies to science buffs like Tory Belleci from “Myth Busters” – will discover their inner racer at heart by helping start an IndyCar Series race riding behind legendary Indy 500 champion driver Mario Andretti in the Honda IndyCar two-seater.