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Lysol® Launches “Protect Like A Mother”

Posted May 15, 2017

Lysol, best known for products that help protect people from germs, has launched a new campaign just in time for Mother’s Day. The campaign features the new “Protect Like A Mother” film, which uniquely parallels moms’ daily commitment to protection through the viewpoint of their animal counterparts. Whether lioness, grizzly bear or monkey, mom demonstrates amazing feats to protect her young. And in the human world, similarly, she is always there to soothe her child to sleep, defend her child from bullies and shield her child from danger because that is just what moms do.

“There’s something that happens when you become a parent. You develop an intuition you never knew you had – a protective instinct that can sometimes avert disasters before they happen and knows just what will comfort when they inevitably do,” said Rory Tait, Marketing Director, Lysol, in a statement. “Lysol is launching a brand campaign to announce our point of view in the world, declaring that there is nothing more important than protecting those we love. While we know protectors come in all forms, we’ll celebrate the fiercest protectors of all: mothers.”

Throughout May, Lysol will also present a special Exhibition in New York City honoring mothers. The fun and educational exhibit is designed for families to experience mothers in nature through its interactive animal installations. The free exhibit will include an eagle, an octopus and an orangutan that reaches up to 24 feet in height. With the input of wildlife expert and advocate, Dave Salmoni, the installation will take visitors and their loved ones on an educational expedition to chronicle motherly instincts through visual storyboards of incredible animals, including the human mother. The exhibit is open to the public on Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21 from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EDT in Brooklyn Bridge Plaza at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

“Over the years that I’ve worked with species across the animal kingdom, I’ve seen different animals protect their young in the most unique and astonishing ways,” added Dave Salmoni. “As a father of two young children, I’ve also witnessed firsthand the protective strength of human moms. I am excited to partner with Lysol to celebrate the ways in which mothers across the animal kingdom protect their families.”