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Terri & Sandy Set Out To Close The “Climax Gap”

Posted June 5, 2017

New York based advertising agency TERRI & SANDY has launched the first campaign for Emojibator – a global company that sells vibrators inspired by emojis. Specifically, the eggplant and red hot chili pepper.

The campaign, which launched just in time for International Masturbation Month, advocates for women’s equality in a place lagging behind their male counterparts in the bedroom.

“Let’s close the climax gap” was penned after the agency discovered women have 30% fewer orgasms than men. In addition, men are able to talk openly and candidly about masturbation while women report it as a hush-hush topic. Designed with women in mind, Emojibator products use humor to reach a new audience of sex toy consumers.

Emojibator co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Kris Jandler, added, “After 19 years of ignorance, my college girlfriends jokingly gifted me a candy-cane vibrator and forever changed my confidence as a woman. Emojibator’s laughter-inducing brand is uniquely positioned to disrupt our orgasm-shaming culture, and, to educate women on their self-pleasure powers.”

The campaign is anchored in two digital videos, one that puts a twist on the female empowerment genre, and second that approaches the climax gap from the male perspective.


DIVERGE talked to Terri & Sandy’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO Sandy Greenberg to find out more:

Where did the idea for this campaign come from?

We had seen a CNN article that highlighted the drastic inequality in the number of orgasms experienced by women, and how women are far less likely to speak about their feelings of sexuality than men. This of course is reflective of some of the larger issues gripping our country at the moment.

Why is it significant?

Women have 30% fewer orgasms than men. That’s significant – both from a health and happiness perspective.

What do you hope this accomplishes?

We hope to close the climax gap by enabling more women to openly discuss self-pleasure and sex positivity.

Why is this important to address?

We’re striving for equality- not just in the boardroom, but in the bedroom. Masturbation isn’t just pleasurable, it’s empowering.

Additional thoughts?

As a women-owned and operated advertising agency, much of our work has been focused on fempowerment. We wanted to have a little fun with the trope.



Founder: Joe Vela

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer: Kris Jandler



Executive Creative Directors: Terri Meyer, Sandy Greenberg

Creative Director/Copywriter: Scott Rosenblit

Art Director: Kyle Janisch

Copywriter: Earl Myers

Account Supervisor: Dani Blevins

Senior Account Executive: Emily McCormick



Director: Evan Silver

Producer: Ryan Ennis



Editor: Mike Sobo

Assistant Editor: Juliana Rodzinski



Sound Designer: Jeff Gordon