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Durable Goods Signs Comedy Director Nicholas Wenger

California-based production company Durable Goods has tapped comedy director Nicholas Wenger for U.S. commercial representation.

“Nicholas is a great addition to our team.  He has a great eye for talent and interesting characters, and he is great with kids too,” said Durable Goods Executive Producer Rebecca Wray, in a statement.

“It doesn’t hurt that he’s an editor either, so his timing and framing are always spot on, she added. “We’re very excited to work with him.”

Wenger, who is known for his expert casting and impeccable comedic timing to deliver his signature brand of visually comedic spots, has worked with big brands including as Chevrolet, Virgin America, Porsche, Durex, AT&T, Staples and Johnny Walker, among numerous others.

He also recently helmed the first season of “Mack & Moxy,” a kid’s TV show produced for PBS and Netflix.

With wide-ranging experience spanning directing, editing and writing, Wenger brings a vision for fresh, youthful content to generate lively narratives that leave a lasting impression and provide engaging entertainment. Also having experience with VFX and live-action puppets and creatures, Wenger works closely with creatives from all ends of the production process for a seamless final delivery.”

“Durable Goods has really wrapped their head around the continually evolving production model and have a smart approach to digital content,” Wenger explained. “My style of comedy brings together quirky with a sense of childlike wonderment and both Rebecca and Hani are completely on board with those sensibilities and bring some really great ideas to the table.”

Wenger received a MFA degree from USC’s prestigious School of Cinematic Arts. He got started in the production space as an editor, cutting series for the likes of Fox Digital Studios and Netflix, among others.