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HARMAN and 1,000 Dreams Fund Partner to Support the Next Generation of Female Leaders in Tech

Posted March 21, 2017

In honor of Women’s History Month, tech giant, HARMAN International and the 1,000 Dreams Fund, a national scholarship program for American girls aspiring to live their dream, have partnered to launch an online campaign challenge.Ne

The #NewFaceofTech Challenge aims to spotlight and financially support the new face of tech to support promising young women pursuing big dreams in the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), a statement explained.

DIVERGE talked to 1,000 Dreams Fund Founder, Christie Garton to find out more about the challenge:

What does the partnership aim to accomplish? Can you tell me more about the #NewFaceofTech campaign?

Absolutely. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with HARMAN. Together, we’ve launched a 4-week online campaign challenge called the “#NewFaceofTech,” (1000dreamsfund.org/newfaceoftech) which seeks to spotlight the exciting fact that more young women are pursuing careers in STEM in a variety of ways. And yet technology continues to be an industry where women leaders are shockingly absent. By joining forces with HARMAN, we hope to encourage any young woman interested in technology to pursue her big dreams to the fullest.

What are you looking for?

Since our goal is to showcase the range of STEM interests among young women, we hope to see all kinds of exciting career dreams in tech.

Why does STEM need to be a focus?

At the 1000 Dreams Fund, we support all young women’s dreams but careers in tech, specifically, are among the fastest-growing professional occupations in the U.S. Yet women remain underrepresented in this sector. In fact, according to a Reuters study, more than a quarter of technology executives stated they have no women in leadership positions at their organizations. This is why we chose a technology industry partner like HARMAN for this challenge.

What kind of response have you seen?

We’ve had a lot of interest on social media. In fact, someone reached out and wanted to know if our program in global. 1DF is only a year old, and is focused on the U.S. – so not yet! We have a diverse group of young women who’ve entered. You can see our first two finalists from week 1 here:

How can others participate?

We have a four-week submission period. All finalists will move forward to a week-long public vote. The two top-vote receiving entracts will be selected for a $3,000 grant from HARMAN.

Here’s how to enter: 

Visit: 1000dreamsfund.org/newfaceoftech


Through custom entry online form that lives on a 1,000 Dreams Fund’s campaign page, applicants upload their favorite photo, selfie, etc. To complete the entry, entrants must provide more info on backend what they are doing to reach their career dreams in tech.


All entrants, once approved, get featured on the #NewFaceofTech landing page.


Any advice for those who are afraid to try STEM because they think it’s a “Guy’s world”?

Forget those fears! Tech has some of the best-paying jobs around, and it’s only going to get better for those who are pursuing STEM studies in school. For an extra boost, check out the awesome women who’ve already entered our challenge and get inspired!

What will the winners receive?

Two winners  will receive $3,000 for their tech dreams, and all 10 finalists will also receive a pair of JBL E45BT wireless headphones provided by our partner HARMAN.