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JWT Amsterdam and PLUS Supermarket Launch New SuperSauce to Improve Child Health

Posted June 12, 2017

J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam has turned to product development by co-creating a new food brand for Dutch supermarket chain PLUS: SuperSauce. An undercover vegetable sauce made with pure beetroot, carrot and parsnip, SuperSauce helps parents overcome the daily struggle of making kids eat their vegetables.

Agency chef and food creative, Robbie Postma, worked with a dedicated team and the PLUS supermarket to develop a sauce that appeals to children’s tastes – while keeping the healthy ingredients top-secret. Priced at the competitive price of 2€ per bottle, the product will hit the shelves next week and is poised for national distribution across the 250+ PLUS Supermarket stores.

Bas Korsten, Creative Partner at J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam said in a statement: “We love moving advertising into new directions and creating real solutions to real problems – both big and small. As food is also central to our agency culture inside the office, it’s great to take one of our secret weapons – innovative thinking around food – out of the office and onto families’ tables. ”

Bas Snetselaar, Formula and Communication Manager, PLUS Supermarkets added: “At PLUS, we love good food. And we believe in helping parents to encourage their children to eat more vegetables, which is why we are introducing SuperSauce – an innovation we intend to roll out nationally. SuperSauce tastes super good, so we’re rather proud of it!”

PLUS, a nr.4 Dutch supermarket chain’s brand mission is about providing good food, for everyone, everyday – and this includes getting children to eat healthy. With products like ketchup containing lots of added sugars, in fact on average 25%; and mayonnaise is made of up to 90% oil, parents often need to look for alternatives.

To tackle this problem J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam created a whole new product: SuperSauce. An undercover sauce based on an idea that sounds silly but works like crazy: eat more vegetables with vegetables. The ingredients are disguised as superheroes on the package design in the hope that making the bottles look more attractive to the underage target group and avoid them finding out about the contents.

BRAND: Bas Snetselaar, Rob Claassens
STRATEGIST: Angelique Schreuders
SOUND PRODUCER: Robin Schlösser
PR: Jessica Hartley
DESIGNER: Ronald Mica, Robert Harrisson, Madelon Brakenhoff
CREATIVES: Gabriela Nouws, Leon Ragetlie
CREATIVE AGENCY: JWT Thompson Amsterdam
CREATIVE: Food creative: Robbie Postma
COPYWRITER: Marcel Hartog, Leon Ragetlie
BUSINESS DIRECTOR : Budi Gonzales de Chaves
ART DIRECTOR: Güney Soykan, Gabriela Nouws
AGENCY PRODUCTION: Martijn Pots, Marloes van den Berg, Mariska Fransen
EDITOR: Tim Arnold
PRODUCER: Thomas Rohde
DOP: Jelle Mulder
DIRECTOR: arro van Schoonhoven