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ColorComm Launches Fellows Program to Increase Retention & Advancement in Diverse Hires

Posted April 7, 2017

ColorComm has launched the ColorComm Fellows Program to cultivate the next generation of young leaders in communications, marketing, media, and advertising. The program will provide mentorship, training, access, and opportunity to a select group of women ages 21-26 with 1-4 years professional experience, who can demonstrate how they would like to make an impact in the industry and how they currently contribute to their community.

The idea for the program came from a New York member in the ColorComm Network who shared that she was looking for opportunities for growth and access but did not have the financial means to attend ColorComm’s Annual Conference.

She was a freelancer working in media, so she knew that the company she was working for would not invest in career-development workshops and conferences.

She was eager for professional development and the rare opportunity to meet and engage with executive leaders in the communications industry.  She, along with members of the ColorComm team, created a program that would allow young leaders to attend ColorComm’s Annual Conference, to receive mentorship and training, to be a part of the ColorComm team, and to have greater access to the industry.

The ColorComm Fellows Program will equip millennial professionals with the skills to advance in the communications industry. For decades, HR professionals at the corporate level have complained that they can’t find, retain, and advance diverse talent in the communications industry. The ColorComm Fellows program will focus on providing young leaders with the tools to succeed to give ambitious professionals opportunities that they normal would not have. The program is now live and the deadline to apply is by COB on Monday, May 1, 2017.