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Heir PR Launches Heir-ish Panel Series

Posted April 19, 2017

Three months following the “35 Heirs Gala” the launch of their inaugural “Heir’s List”, the agency is back with something for the community. HEIR-ish is a panel series that kicked off during Black History Month, with the plan to show impact and betterment in our communities, gifting our people with the proper gems and resources to thrive in today’s society.

DIVERGE spoke to Sherod Lewis, Founder of Heir PR to find out more: 

Where did the idea for this panel come from?

The idea came to mind when preparing to launch Heir’s List(my annual influencer list). I wanted to take a 360 approach, not to meet and honor people one night and then never have the opportunity to personally become acquainted.

Why is it significant?

HEIR-ish allows us the opportunity for them to see more of what I do, and for me to do the same. It allows for me to further uncover their passions, struggles and successes and to give them the opportunity to share with the community.

What do you hope it accomplishes?

My hopes are that the community sees this as a viable staple and begin to support and share with their networks to encourage more attendance and involvement. I wanted to create a space where people come as strangers and leave as family. That mindset is really rich thinking, heir.

How frequently will you host these panels? The plan is to host a panel every month from March to September. I want to give each of the influencers the opportunity to participate and further expand their audience.

How will this help from a diversity/inclusion standpoint?

This will help in many ways. This creates more opportunity for people of color to access of these influencers for free, which some of them may not be privy to otherwise. There they can learn expert advice, network and possibly externships or job offerings.  Strengthening our community and making it hard for anyone to break what he have formed.

Additional thoughts? Stay connected with us through Facebook and Instagram. RSVP for the all male fashion panel at www.textilesandprints.eventbrite.com