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JWT Shines Light on Women Role Models

Posted March 9, 2017

For International Women’s Day, J. Walter Thompson wanted to shine a light on women – real or imagined – who have inspired them because role models matter.

To celebrate female achievement, JWT is asking employees to salute the women who “move us, make us, and change us” through their ‘That Moment When…‘ initiative.

JWT London also created a provocative ad campaign to address the gender pay gap for IWD.


Emily Conway, Senior Account Director, J. Walter Thompson London told DIVERGE more about the campaign:

Where did this idea come from?

For International Women’s Day this year we wanted to shine a light on those women – real or imagined – who have inspired us, because we believe that everyone has a female role model who has shaped who they are today, or who they could be tomorrow. Our ‘That Moment When…’ initiative was a simple but powerful way of inviting everyone across our global network to get involved.

Why is “That Moment When” significant?

Because role models matter. Purely through seeing an on screen role model, 58% of women from our Women’s Index research said they were inspired to be more assertive or ambitious, and even 1 in 4 Brazilian women said they had been inspired to leave an abusive relationship. However, 60% of women feel that female achievement has been airbrushed from the history books.

What did you learn from this project/other peoples stories?

The source of people’s inspirational moments were remarkably diverse:

  • Almost 32% cited inspirational family and friends
  • More than 16% of women chosen were on screen role models
  • Fictional characters and authors made up 10% of the votes
  • Musicians came in at 10%
  • Political figureheads, sportswomen, scientists and colleagues also featured

Do you think you accomplished what you wanted to?

Absolutely – it was a small, but powerful personal step in celebrating female achievement. We got a great response from a variety of cultures, so that’s also provided further insight into how role models compare around the world.

Will there be any additional work around this?

We will be collating entries at the end of the week and sharing the results internally.

Who is the team behind this project?

Emilie Sheehan – Designer

Jacqui Stecher – Designer

Emily Conway – Senior Account Director

Antonia Wood – Account Manager

Rachel Pashley – Global Planning Head

Lucy Moody – Senior Planner

Katie Oldfield – Creative Producer

Kate Duncan – Creative Producer

Noel Bussey – Head of Communications