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Wunderman Offices Celebrate IWD 17 Globally

Posted March 8, 2017

With 175 offices in 60 countries, global agency Wunderman is passionate about feeling connected. For International Women’s Day, many of their offices found a way to celebrate the “be bold for change” theme in their own ways.

Wunderman LA:

Wunderman LA invited people to make bracelets centered around words that will remind them to “Be Bold For Change.”

Wunderman New York:

Wunderman New York took the “Be Bold For Change” theme and actually asked people for change. Employees were encouraged to leave their loose change in a donation box for Kiva, an international non-profit that brings funding to women so they can start businesses, get access to clean energy and realize their potential. There was also a photo booth where women in the office took selfies with inspirational phrases.

Wunderman Brasil

Wunderman Brasil made a really cool GIF on Instagram out of the women from the office.

Wunderman Buenos Aires:

Wunderman Buenos Aires created a browser extension that recruiters can use to search LinkedIn without seeing people’s first names or genders.

Wunderman UK:

Wunderman UK employees Charlotte Khushi (Art Director), Lucy Eldridge (Copywriter) and Sophie Williams (Creative Producer) are kicking off International Women’s Day with a steel-toe-capped boot to the face of inequality.

The trio have launched a fundraising initiative called The Power Spend, a simple, effective initiative asking women to turn their usual outgoings, on 8th March 2017, into donations to three progressive women’s charities instead.


The women from the Melbourne office enjoyed an inspiring Women in Leadership panel discussion this morning.

Wunderman Prague:

Wunderman’s Czech Republic team provided the ladies in the office with chocolate and greeting cards.

They also wrote a blog post which is translated in to English below:


You probably noticed the delegation distributing Ferrero Rocher with greeting cards. If you guessed that it is because of International Women‘s day, you are right.

Maybe you think that celebrating IWD is an anachronism, but even if it was downgraded, we take women’s rights seriously at Wunderman. This is why we engage in various activities such as the conference –  Equal Pay Day, which addresses the issue of equal pay for both men and women. Although we are a company with many positions in fields that are typically over-represented by men we still manage to have almost a 40% share of women across the organization.

 I do not want to rely only on a greeting card when it comes to IWD. Although this day is Women’s Day, it places high demands on us, men.


Do you know how to behave? I do not want to underestimate you, but I just want to remind you with seven basic rules that are true not only today, but should be part of our daily life.

1) When walking with woman, you should be closer to the road. It is for protection, so lady doesn’t get splashed by a passing car.

2) Hold the door for the lady.

3) When you go for lunch, remember that it is woman who sit first. Help her get seated by settling chair for her. And remember: the woman is facing toward the room!

4) Sit only when woman sits down.

5) Help woman to her coat.

6) If you go up the stairs, go behind the lady. It is practical when she is on high heels and have long skirt, so you can save her, if she falls. Obviously, you can break the rule if she has a short skirt.

7) Is a lady carrying a stack of papers, bags or other burdens? Help her!

Dear ladies,

I wish you a nice International Women’s day and I want to thank you for doing a great job here. You should be proud of that, as we are proud of you.