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Mirum Creates Start Network Online Platform

Posted April 27, 2017

Digital agency, Mirum, has partnered with Start Network to launch a new online platform that will allow its members, donors and the public to monitor humanitarian alerts as they happen, follow how money is spent and see how many people have been helped.

The new platform, which was designed and built by Mirum, will allow members, donors and public to monitor humanitarian alerts in real time. Additionally, aid agency projects supported by the Start Fund in crises around the world can be viewed and its outcome evaluated by anyone who visits the website.

Sean Lowrie, director, Start Network, said in a statement:  “This is a radical exercise in transparency which will ensure that the Start Fund is open to real-time scrutiny, like no other fund of its kind in the world. It will help to ensure that we are accountable to donors – currently four governments, and ultimately their taxpayers – and, just as important, to the communities affected by crises whose needs we seek to serve.”

Ali Merifield, Client Services Director, Mirum told DIVERGE more:

Why is this significant? 

Start Network is a small organization that facilitates humanitarian aid through its member network. So any application of technology that enables speed and scale impacts what the Fund team is able to do – which means getting more aid to more people in need.

How will this help NGOs?

Any NGO that proposes a project for a particular crisis that the Start Fund is funding will potentially benefit from faster decision making, but also increased transparency in the process.

Who is the team behind this idea? 

Start Network and the Fund team.

How can others help? 

International humanitarian NGOs can join Start Network and can then benefit from the Start Fund.

What do you hope this accomplishes? 

To mobilize more funds to respond to humanitarian crises, as well as increase transparency in the broader context.