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BARKER NYC Creates Valentines Day Cards for Those Who Met on Tinder

Posted February 14, 2017

The team at BARKER NYC decided to do something special for their co-workers who met their significant others on Tinder, a dating app. The best part? Most of these work for anyone that met their significant others on social media. Art Director, Sam Canvin and Brand Manager, Emma Swanson were the team behind the cards.

DIVERGE spoke to them to find out more:

Where did the idea come from?

Working in advertising and living in NYC doesn’t leave a lot of time for a love life, so many of us rely on Tinder. We wanted to create Valentines Day cards that poke fun at typical taboos surrounding online dating, like being embarrassed to say you met your S/O online, being relieved that your date actually looks like their profile pic, or maybe their first attempt at a pick-up line was almost block-worthy, but you gave them another chance (and you’re glad you did)!

Why is the humor behind it so important?

Valentines Day cards are always so cheesy and can be really awkward if you haven’t been dating your S/O for very long. We wanted to create some light-hearted cards that are appropriate at any point in the Tinder relationship.

What kind of response has you seen/do you expect to see?

These are just for the agency to pass around to their S/O’s, but we hope that everyone finds them as relatable as we do!