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SapientRazorfish’s Campaign For Dunkin’ Donuts Shares The Moments You Need Coffee

Posted February 9, 2017

From waking up at 5am on a Saturday in December to take the kids to practice to cheering on your team at 1am as they go into overtime, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is brewed exactly for these moments to help you keep going. That’s the message of Dunkin’ Donut’s new campaign, “Brewed For This.”

The campaign, which was created by SapientRazorfish, supports the launch of a partnership between Dunkin’ Donuts and the NHL, which was the brand’s first-ever national sports partnership. SapientRazorfish created a full 360 campaign with the goal of establishing the brand nationally and at a local level as the coffee of choice among core and casual fans.

Pete Tschudy, Creative Director at SapientRazorfish tells DIVERGE more: 

Where did the idea for this campaign come from?
The campaign idea, Brewed for This, needed to work on two levels. First, as the Official Coffee of the NHL, this is first and foremost, a coffee-driven messaging platform. But, secondarily, as a new sponsor of the NHL, Dunkin’ wanted to ensure there was broad awareness of the partnership while speaking to NHL core and casual fans. From getting up early on a Sunday for practice to cheering your team on into overtime, these are the moments Dunkin’ coffee is brewed for. These are the universal, authentic hockey moments that are relatable to fans and players on every level, and where Dunkin’ can play a role in an authentic way.

Why is it unique?
While Dunkin’ is the Official U.S. Coffee, Donut and Breakfast Sandwich of the NHL, Brewed for this is about moments that speak to fans and players at every level of the game. Therefore, the campaign includes not just professional players, like Ryan McDonagh and David Backes, but others just as connected to the sport, across the hockey spectrum. There’s Meghan Duggan of the US Women’s Olympic team. There’s a Peewee player who is the only female on her all-boys team. There are hockey parents. And there are fans who represent a cross-section of the teams they live for.

What kind of feedback have you gotten from it?
We’ve seen tremendous feedback. Viewers are responding very well to the unique and diverse casting, and relatable storytelling, that makes up our tv spots.

How is the partnership between NHL and DD significant?
This partnership represents Dunkin’ Donuts’ first U.S. sports league-wide sponsorship and is being rolled out on a national level. As longtime sponsors of local teams (Red Sox, Eagles, Jets, Bruins, and others), Dunkin’ has a history of playing a role in the world of professional sports, so this partnership was a natural evolution.

Where can we see this campaign?
This campaign is running on TV on a national level, and primarily on NBC. There is a :30 second anthem, along with a 3 other :15 spots. There is also digital support, in-store, print, in-arena, and regional activations in the mix.

Additional thoughts:
This partnership goes far beyond standard in-arena corporate logo placement. This is a fully integrated program, across touch points, that seeks to engage and create awareness, by demonstrating Dunkin’s authentic connection to the sport.

Executive Creative Director: Barry Fiske
Creative Director: Larry Mintz
Creative Director: Pete Tschudy
Sr. Art Director: Katie Willman
Designer: Meredith Mendosa
Copywriter: Olivia Kostigen
Jr. Designer: Mustafa Thomas
Project Manager: Andrew Steinhouse
Client Services Director: Amy Snelling
Sr. Account Director: Jen Pinto
Sr. Account Executive: Max Ebb
Sr. Producer: Mike Diaz
Associate Producer: Allie Cleary
Director: Michael Kuhn
Director: Niles Roth
Editor/Director: Dustin Devlin
Production Co: Greenpoint Pictures
Production Co: Old Harbor Productions