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Deutsch and Angel Soft® Celebrate Single Parent’s Day by Honoring Single Parents

Posted March 21, 2017

In recognition of National Single Parent’s Day on March 21, Georgia-Pacific’s Angel Soft® toilet paper brand has launched a a video celebrating the nation’s 12 million single parents.

The new campaign shows three single parents and shares their the daily struggles, sacrifices and triumphs. The video also has a surprise and emotional ending when it offers a granted wish to make their everyday lives a little easier.

The three featured parents include:

    • Liz – Flowery Branch, GA – Finding quality daycare is Liz’s biggest daily challenge as she works three jobs to provide for her and her three-year-old daughter. The Angel Soft brand will pay for preschool for one year.
    • Jonathan – Metairie, LA – Jonathan was raised by a single mother who passed away when he was 14. He is now raising his three-year-old son on his own. The Angel Soft brand will cover his childcare costs for one year.
    • Kylia – Lawrenceville, GA – Kylia has moved nearly every year over the past decade in an effort to find the best home for her and her 11-year-old daughter. She is currently living in a friend’s basement. The Angel Soft brand will pay one year’s rent so they can live in a safer home.


Diverge talked to Deutsch’s Executive Creative Director, Karen Costello, to find out more:

Who is the team behind this campaign?

Deutsch, in collaboration with Angel Soft

Where did the idea for this campaign come from?

Angel Soft launched the “Be Soft. Be Strong.” in 2015 with “Happy Father’s Day, Mom.”

Over the last year, Angel Soft has developed marketing initiatives unique to the category. Not only does the brand bring to life what it means to be soft and strong through the people it features, but it also does not reflect gender stereotypes.

This strategy focuses on real working class people, and is where the brand is headed in 2017 and beyond.

How did you decide what families wishes would be granted? 

Every day, more than 12 million mothers and fathers are raising their children as single parents. Whether someone is a single parent themselves, were raised by one, or has been touched by one personally, Angel Soft wants to honor these everyday heroes. For this initiative, we spoke to parents to get a sense of what they really needed when determining their gift.

Did diversity play a role in the selection process?

The overall “Be Soft. Be Strong.” campaign is about celebrating all the different ways we parent and create families – acknowledging and shining a light on everyday heroes who often don’t get recognized or celebrated.  We always ensure that our families featured are representative of the greater population.

Can you delve in to the “Be Soft, Be Strong” and how this will play in to the biggest initiative?

The National Single Parent Day video is the latest iteration of the Angel Soft “Be Soft. Be Strong” initiative, which highlights the softness and strength of all types of families to handle life’s circumstances. Previously, we had been telling these stories of parenting but this time, we went a step further and helped families.

What social aspects are involved in the campaign?

The video will live on the Angel Soft social channels and we also have a robust group of influencers raising awareness for National Single Parent’s Day.

Where will the campaign air?

The video went live on March 20 and can be viewed at www.facebook.com/angelsoft and www.angelsoft.com.