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Madison Reed Hires Heidi Dorosin as First Chief Marketing Officer

Hair color brand Madison Reed has tapped Heidi Dorosin, who was previously the General Manager and Vice President of Marketing at Clorox, as it’s first Chief Marketing Officer.

“When we spoke for the first time, it was clear Heidi had a synergistic understanding of why Madison Reed exists, the essence of our brand, and what we’re trying to do.” said Madison Reed CEO Amy Errett, in a statement.

Dorosin is responsible for modernizing the brand and its new connection among millennials. She lead Clorox’s award-winning, most successful, and long-lasting marketing initiative, “Bleachable Moments” marketing platform.

As CMO, her responsibilities include launching new products, strengthening relationships with the retail partners, and opening new store locations for a unique brand experience for 2017.

“I’m a marketer, so of course I ran the numbers! There’s a $15 billion market that hasn’t seen much in the way of innovation in decades,” said  Dorosin, in a statement. “Practically every woman over 40 colors her hair, but all they had to choose from before was a crappy box dye or a very expensive salon experience. I think of Madison Reed as the ultimate hair color hack.”

“Amy’s vision is shared by every single person at Madison Reed, and I feel privileged to work at a company devoted to empowering women and giving them what they deserve.” she added.